South Bullfrog

Walker Lane, Nevada


The Bullfrog South Project (29 square kilometers) is located in the Walker Lane trend of western Nevada in an increasingly active Bullfrog gold district near Beatty.  The adjacent Bullfrog Mine (Augusta Gold) has produced 2.33 million ounces of gold.  District-scale structures control gold mineralization in the region, and these same faults cross-cut the Bullfrog South property.  Multiple historic adits and pits are present on outcrops on the property and Corvus is actively drilling a new gold discovery to the east. AngloGold and Coeur are also active in the district.

Limited modern exploration has been completed on the property despite the presence of subaerial volcanic host rocks rocks (similar to the nearby deposits) and hydrothermal alteration.  Alluvial cover leaves much of the ground open for testing using geophysics and tracking the mineralized structures. 

South Bullfrog Gallery

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